Top Tips: how to maintain a good Work / Life Balance when WFH.

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Here at Merlin Events we are passionate about ensuring our people have a clear and positive work / life balance.


A good work / life balance means you have harmony between different aspects of your life, where benefits gained from each area can support and strengthen the others. With so many of our routines changing many of us are now working from home or in a varied role, it is very easy to let our work and life run together and become one. We must acknowledge that during this difficult time it is important to have flexibility in our day to day routine and change it up if you need to. Here are some of our top tips that can help keep the balance:


Set a start and finish time for yourself

It is important to work similar hours to what you would at the office and not be tempted to extend your workday. Try to keep a morning routine that will help you with that transition to work mode, you can set timers for when you start, have lunch, breaks, and for the end of the day.


Make sure you have breaks during the day

Take a moment to just be, breath, and relax. You can take time to refill your water bottle, make a healthy snack (be sure to sit somewhere peaceful and enjoy it), and stay connected by video calling a friend or colleague.





Take this time to learn from others

Take this time to learn from friends, colleagues, and family (with the right amount of social distance of course). Reach out to people who have some time to help you brush up on skills you want more training on or learn something completely new. It may even be as simple as learning more about a friend or grandparent.


Change the structure of your life

Take a birds-eye view of your life and ask yourself: What changes could make this easier? This could mean changing your workout schedule, working flexible hours, or even some lifestyle changes. These could be big or small adjustments that can help you stay focused, happy, and productive.


Know your peaks and troughs

There is no point working longer hours and overworking on tasks that we just don’t have the energy for. Are you a morning person? Work on the most important and challenging tasks first thing and don’t leave them until the evening or vice versa if you’re most productive in the afternoon. The important thing is if you are feeling unmotivated, take a break, then come back to complete your task.


Keep your mind and body active

Being kept at home means we are missing all of the incidental exercise that comes with daily life. Many of us are also missing the gym or team sports. More than ever it is important to remain mentally and physically fit and healthy. Exercise has been shown to improve your mood and decrease feelings of anxiety and stress. Now is the ideal time to try a new activity.


It is also important to challenge our minds and keep learning. Online courses are a great way to keep the mind active and upskill. The NSW Government has just launched free online courses, check them out here




Stay true to your values

Spend some time thinking about what is important to you in life. How much time do you spend on the most important priorities? Consider your passions and interests and make time for the things you love!


Be mindful of your team’s productivity

It is important we look after ourselves and each other during this time. Check in with colleagues, ask how they are going with their tasks and don’t always make meetings all about work. You could be one of the only interactions they have that day.


It’s ok not to be ok.

There will be days when we just aren’t motivated, and that is ok. It is important to remember that it is not business as usual right now. We don’t all have to make life changing revelations or find ourselves during this time. We just need to get through it, with as much positivity as we can. Some days we just have to be ok with the fact we are not ok and take a break.


Take a break


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