Take Your Team Building to New Depths

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Dare to take the plunge then cheers about it after!


Diving with our resident Grey Nurse Sharks at the iconic SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium takes team building to the next level as you conquer fears and try something many haven’t. You and the team will come face to face with some of the oceans most feared (despite being incredibly smiley and friendly) species.

 Friendly Shark

Say cheeeeese

The team at Merlin Events feel it’s our responsibility to test out all our team building, so we had to gear up, woman up, and dive on in. Were we nervous? Some of us (me) very much so! But after a great briefing from the expert SDX team, some funny photos, and a little self-pep talk (also me) we rocked our scuba getup all the way to the training area, learnt all the necessary underwater skills and floated effortlessly into the depths of the SEA LIFE’s Shark Valley...


This is where all nerves and worries floated away. 5 beautiful Grey Nurses were circling us from above and there we were, #teambrave side by side, part of the underwater world. When we weren’t posing for the camera or looking at each other with excitement, we were admiring the beautiful and diverse marine life swimming right by us.

 Shark Dive Insta Shots

We got some jawe-some photos!


After 30 minutes underwater we surfaced and all I could think was BEST TIME EVER, can I make underwater offices a thing, and I must tell everyone I know to book this experience immediately!

Following a warm shower, and plenty of laughing at our failed attempts of looking cool in underwater photos, we had one more mission. For great experience guaranteed purposes we had to see how a glass of bubbles and some delicious grazing platters went down after a Shark Dive. Turns out it goes down swimmingly.


Shark Dive Xtreme really is a phenomenal and unique team building activity, tried and tested. So what are you waiting for?


What’s included:
* Introduction to scuba diving, briefing and training session (approx. 90 minutes)
* 30 minute dive face-to-face with sharks, giant stingrays and more in Shark Valley
* All dive equipment & wetsuit
* 'I dived and survived' Shark Dive Xtreme certificate
* Reserved area with grazing platters and standard beverage package post dive
* Admission to explore SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium


Shark Dive Team Building


With NO PREVIOUS DIVING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED, you'll not only meet Grey Nurse Sharks but also scuba dive with other Sydney local marine life including Port Jackson Sharks, Wobbegong Sharks and hundreds of amazing sea creatures! Shark Dive Xtreme runs 4 times per day for the general public, more information on this amazing experience can be found here>>



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