The adorable reason why WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo should host your next event.

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Koala Joey


WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is the most FUN and interactive animal attraction in Sydney, showcasing a wide variety of Australia's most amazing and iconic animals!

At WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo your guests will enjoy a self-guided tour of the zoo. Our stunning exhibits are authentically themed to recreate the iconic habitats of Australia.

Guest will then enjoy dinner (or canapes) & drinks as the sun goes down from the Koala Rooftop, after dinner guests can event continue the party with a DJ & dancefloor on the WILD Croc Deck.


The best part of any event at WILD LIFE Sydney is getting to see our amazing animals up close, so we checked in with Keeper Jess about what is new at WILD LIFE.


“This time of year is the best time to visit WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo to see our koala joeys!  As the weather gets warmer koala joeys become more active and start to leave mum’s pouch just in time for the next breeding season. Next time you visit us here in Darling Harbour keep your eye out for baby koalas in our koala exhibits including Gumtree Valley and Koala rooftop, you never know who might pop up to say hello!” – Keeper Jess 


Erica the Koala


“Meet Erica! She is one of my favourite koalas! Koalas, just like us, have their own unique personalities. Erica is calm, relaxed and placid. She's also 13 making her one of the oldest koalas in the zoo. Erica meets lots of people every single day and contributes to making people fall in love with koalas every single day ultimately reminding us to care for nature and the environment. That's why I'm a keeper and definitely puts a smile on my face!” – Keeper Jess


Erica & Baby


For more information on events at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo contact the team:


Phone: (02) 9333 9245