An Aussie Christmas Lunch

| Merlin Events NSW Team
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Wondering where your company should hold the corporate Christmas lunch this year? Maybe you need to entertain international clients during the festive season. Nothing says Merry Christmas in Australia like eating a BBQ lunch surrounded by iconic Aussie animals on a beautiful rooftop. The Koala Rooftop at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo is the only rooftop in Sydney where you can relax with a beer or a glass of champagne while admiring a colony of koalas.


Enjoy the view


Overlooking WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo’s Kangaroo Walkabout and the Kakadu Gorge enclosure, your colleagues will be amazed as colourful birds such as the Princess parrot glide above your heads. Look in the distance and you will gaze upon the beautiful skyline of the harbour. Celebrate the festive season with Christmas crackers that we can accommodate for upon request.


Inhale the delicious scent


When you book your Christmas lunch at the Koala Rooftop at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo, you and your team will be treated to the best gourmet sausage sizzle in Sydney. With two sausages of your choice nestled in a soft white long roll, layered with fried onions, bacon pieces and generously sprinkled with cheese and your sauce of choice, your taste buds are guaranteed to thank you.


Get up close

On the sides of the rooftop, the koalas munch on Eucalyptus leaves, climb from branch to branch and nap in the midday warmth. One of the benefits of holding your Christmas lunch on the Koala Rooftop is the opportunity to get up close to the colony of koalas to pose for the most envy-worthy photo.


Whether it’s a corporate Christmas lunch or a private Christmas lunch for family and friends, the Merlin Events NSW team can accommodate for all. Contact the team now using the details below to find out how your can bring some Aussie Christmas cheer to your Christmas lunch at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo.


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