The Highest Outdoor Team Building Adventure in Sydney!

| Merlin Events NSW Team
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Searching for a team building activity that will really challenge your fear of heights? Try SKYWALK with your colleagues where you will also learn more about the beautiful areas of the city and take in the fresh air 268m above stunning Sydney. Get harnessed up and support your team as your guide takes you around the outside of the Sydney Tower Eye. Want a couple more reasons to take up SKYWALK with your team?


Awesome views to rest tired eyes

Epic Skywalk header


Where else can you get stunning views like this? Views from the airplane window definitely do not compare. Who can see clearly when the window is small and has scratches all over it and the plane’s a little too high to get anything significant and beautiful in the one shot? The best part is…you get to linger and take it all in for much longer than you would if you were up in that plane.  


Epic Air!

Jump Skywalk header


Make all your colleagues in other departments at work jealous with your group photos. Do a jump shot and get some serious air! Stretch your arms up high together in celebration that you’ve successfully done a SKYWALK.


Different perspectives

Sunrise skywalk Day skywalk header
Sunset Skywalk Night skywalk



Depending on whether you choose a morning SKYWALK to greet the sun, a mid-day SKYWALK where the sun is high in the sky and the sky is a crisp blue, a sunset SKYWALK or finally a night SKYWALK where buildings across the city are lit up lending a gentle glow to the city.


Whichever time you pick for a Team SKYWALK, you and your colleagues are guaranteed an incredible experience that is sure to get you away from the office and bring you closer. Contact the Merlin Events team using the details below to secure your team building event at Sydney Tower Eye.  


Learn more about the venue space at the Sydney Tower Eye!


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