Not Just Another Cocktail Party

| Merlin Events NSW Team
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Celebrities are a funny bunch. They're like normal human beings, except their features are more symmetrical and they tend to scrub up a lot better than most of us do. (This might also be due to their army of make-up artists and hair stylists.) Oh and a little thing called airbrushing. But, beyond their physical good looks, there is something about celebrities that make us go crazy about them. Sometimes it’s the charisma we see in films such as Leonardo di Caprio’s Jack Dawson in Titanic. Other times it’s because of how likeable we believe they are because of their good looks and fame. One good example is Miranda Kerr with her gorgeous smile and her colourful modelling background.


Never in our wildest dreams would we ever be able to get close to a celebrity. There is the exception of those instances where you queue for hours on end hoping for a glimpse and if you’re really, really lucky, maybe you get a blurry selfie. Celebrities are constantly surrounded by so many bodyguards and members of their entourage. So the idea of being friends with celebrities or partying with them is a completely foreign concept. 


A quick disclaimer…


Sadly, Merlin Events cannot introduce you to celebrities and bring them to your cocktail parties. We really wish we could. Imagine the craziness and the excitement. The flashing lights. People screaming in excitement. The gleam of the red carpet as delicate high-heel clad feet strut past gold bollards roping off the exclusive area. Actually, things would probably get a bit nuts. Maybe even violent. You wouldn’t want to deal with crazy fans mobbing your event.


Luckily we have something better


We can create an authentic red-carpet experience with all the glitz and glamour that comes with an A-List event PLUS the likeness of your favourite celebrities, without the drama and the chaos. Madame Tussauds Sydney is the hottest themed venue in Sydney with over 85 celebrity wax figures in 10 fun-filled interactive zones. Where else can you mingle and sip cocktails with the semblance of Brad Pitt? Or take a selfie with Rebel Wilson’s talking wax figure? Madame Tussauds Sydney’s glamourous A-List zone is perfect for your exclusive cocktail party. Enquire now by getting in touch with the Merlin Events NSW team using the contact information below.


Learn more about Madame Tussauds Sydney as a venue here! 


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