MERRY CHRISTMAS! Oh wait it’s only July – Happy Christmas in July!

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On Friday 24 July 2015 for Hijinks at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium we had a Silent (Night) Disco, a cheerful Santa, five pop-up bars and interactive games. We also had merry performances including a Frozen inspired Let It Go sing-a-longwith Libby Wood and a Jingle Bells Rock Dance Lesson led by four Mean Girls.


So, if you’re looking for ideas for your next event then look no further! ……Introducing a personalised Hijinks experience for your upcoming party!


We love a good cocktail party but if you want to take your event to the next level let’s combine it with a Hijinks experience in ANY of our fabulous and unique attractions.


Party Idea: Private Under the Sea Hijinks at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium


At SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium you and your guests could delight in the work of some of the best emerging local artists against a magnificent backdrop of sharks, stingrays and sea jellies. Then, grab a drink (or two) with your guests at pop up bars, take selfies to brag about with Grey Nurse Sharks, engage in some awesome conversation with clever conservationists or simply allow your guests to sit back and enjoy under the sea themed entertainment.


Party Idea: A-List Celebrity Soirée at Madame Tussauds Sydney


At Madame Tussauds Sydney the guest list to your private Hijinks will be star-studded and awe-inspiring. Guests can snuggle up to Ryan Gosling (if you don’t get to him first), shake it off with Taylor Swift or shoot the breeze with Barrack Obama. Vote for your best dressed guests and see if you can find your very own doppelganger celebrity. Seriously, Hijinks turns Sydney’s best wax attraction into an over-the-top, fake-it-till-you-make-it party where everyone's made it to the big time...and who doesn’t love that?!


Party Idea: Go Down under and say G’Day to Aussie Animals at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo


Invite everyone to wear their favourite animal onesie and safari clothes. Explore WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo and the Aussie Outback, come face to face with Australia’s most dangerous & deadly animals and dare to dance overlooking one of the world’s largest Saltwater Crocodiles, Rex. Watch the sunset from Koala Rooftop and enjoy cocktails with the cutest, cuddliest and craziest creatures who venture out after all the other animals have gone to bed.


Think it’s a good idea? Do some research and attend out next public Hijinks event on Friday 25th September at Madame Tussauds Sydney!