Six reasons why we LOVE Hijinks Sydney

| NSW Events Team
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Our amazing underwater world, SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium,  played host to Hijinks last Thursday night and here's six reasons why you should join us for the next Hijinks event!

    1. Release your inner pirrrrrate
      Hijinks encourages you delve deep into your childhood memories when treasure hunts were the highlight of your social life and dress ups were just another daily activity. Hijinks will take you to a more simple time - so don your pirate hat and search for the missing treasurrrrre!

    2. Explore the aquarium after hours
      No kids - enough said!

    3. How cool is conservation?
      As you meander under the sea you'll encounter marine biologists who will teach you all about our mission to Breed, Rescue, Protect. They may tell you about Tracey, our most recent Grey Nurse Shark rescue in Maroubra, Sydney or you might be misled by undercover comedians who might misinform you about our animals - working out what's fact and fiction will keep the conversation interesting throughout the night!

    4. It's almost the weekend
      Do you constantly find yourself wishing there was a day between Saturday and Sunday? Hijinks is the solution! Warm up to the weekend and enjoy your Thursday night in a totally cool and unique way.

    5. There are two more events to come!
      Did you miss out on Hijinks last Thursday night? There's plenty more where that came from and you can enjoy the upcoming Hijinks events on 30 October and 13 NovemberJust because

    6. Just because
      The aquarium is fun. Period.


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